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How to Change Java Application Icon

Maybe you already know that you can install Java application on your phone. But do you know that you can change the Java application icon as well? Maybe the application is useful for you, but the icon is so messy. Sometimes application developer is just thinking about application function and doesn’t provide a good icon for it.

Change Java Application Icon

Good news for you, in this opportunity I’d like to share with you how to solve the problem. So let’s start.

  1. Make a new icon or get the icon from the internet. Make sure that the icon size is not bigger than 100×100 pixels
  2. If there’s no *.jad file provided with the *.jar, you can download first. Extract and run the application, click and drag the *.jar file and drop it on the application. Then you will have your *.jad file.
  3. Some application doesn’t put the icon file in the root directory. So open the *.jad file comes with the application with a notepad to know the application icon path
  4. Rename the new icon same with the icon name that you can get from the path
  5. Open the *.jar file with a WinRAR or something similar
  6. Find the application icon path, replace the icon file with the new one
  7. Make sure to use the update mode: Add and replace files, then click OK
  8. Done

Okay, now you already have a new *.jar file with your new icon inside. Copy the *.jar file into your phone and install it. Have fun.

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