SAMSUNG Corby GT-S3653


Maybe for almost two weeks, I’ve been using this cellphone, replacing my old N-Gage classic. So enough with previews from other sites, I’ll give you my review.

Target Market
As many of you know that this cellphone was made for youngsters. Corby Touch was made to easy you accessing community sites like Facebook, Twitter, Multiply. Make it possible for you to update your status, change your wall, etc directly from your phone anytime, anywhere, as long you have the internet connection activated before. It is also equipped with Fashion Jacket (yellow in the photo), which you can change with other colorful jacket. Completed with Java 2.0 and SAMSUNG Widget, you can install many kind of software in this phone.

Capacitive-Touch Screen
SAMSUNG Corby is equipped with capacitive touch-screen. Wow!!! It means that we can find screen like iPhone’s in a valued-phone like this. But don’t hope too much, until now, I still find it difficult typing a message. Maybe I should train more for this, some people said that they don’t have problems with the screen. The screen isn’t as responsive as iPhone’s and the screen is too small (2,8″) for a full touch screen phone. When our finger is wet because of sweat, the screen became unreponsive, we should always wipe our hand before using the phone. I’ve tried to compare it with my friend’s iPhone 3GS, so different you know. lol. In the package, because Corby is using capacitive screen, we can’t find any stylus inside (it’s reasonable). I’ve tried to use my Nintendo-DS Lite stylus to test, and it has been proven useless to do that, so different with the resistive screen.

Memory Storage
This phone is equipped with 50MB internal-memory, and you can make it bigger by adding microSD / microSDHC on it.

For the camera, is equipped with 2MP lens, and there’s no flashlight, so you have to shoot a photo in a bright room to make it good. We can use Panoramic Photo mode to shot a landscape photo, Continues Photo to shoot many photo with one-click, and also Smile Detection.

This phone is only equipped with Bluetooth 2.1 connection and you can use SAMSUNG cable-data (optional) to connect to your computer. There is no Wireless-Lan, and IrDa. Internet connection speed is limited on EDGE Class 10.

Other Features
You can’t find GPS and accelerometer on this phone, worse than the anchestor SAMSUNG Star. Other features for the phone are full-bass earphone (really nice), FM Radio, and for the signal frequency, don’t worry, It’s Quad-band. For the texting message, you can also use a complex character as Chinese Hanzi.

Okay, that’s all my review for this phone today, overall I still like this phone, because it’s not expensive and for non-geek, this phone is classified: complete enough. And most of all we seldom find a capacitive screen on a valued-phone. It’s a new technology (before multi-touch) so I think it’s interesting enough to try. Beside that, the screen-color is good enough, 262.144 colors, TFT. Oh ya, I almost forgot, there is other unique feature, we can feel a vibra when we touch the screen. Kind a cool. Overall, this is a good valued-phone, but if you have more money, try to buy a better phone like iPhone. lol.

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