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Dasur SlideIT – Slide Keyboard To Increase Your Typing Speed

Dasur SlideIT

Dasur SlideIT

This time I got the opportunity to write about additional keyboard application tested with my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The name is Dasur SlideIT Keyboard, is an application developed by Dasur. It is supporting some platforms: Windows Mobile, Symbian, Android, iPhone, and Windows Tablet PC. So what is it actually, why do we need any keyboard other than those already installed in our phone? Let’s check the review after the break.

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MDBG Chinese Reader – Read Hanzi Easily

MDBG Chinese Reader

MDBG Chinese Reader

If you’re just learning mandarin, since I know that learning the language is not easy, I believe that you will often find difficulty when you install some Chinese software or open some Chinese website. Why? The answer is obvious, because there should be some hanzi (Chinese character) on it. If the fact is like that, so what should you do? For a website maybe you can have Google Translate, translate the website for you, or you can install some plug-in on Firefox like Perapera-kun or Word-Chinese Pinyin Dictionary. But how if you want to read some hanzi written by your Chinese friend that you just met on the internet, read some document in Chinese, or read Chinese software menu.

Translating Menu

Translating Menu

Don’t worry about it, I just found an application that can help you solve the problem. The application is called MDBG Chinese Reader. Using this application is so simple. You should run the application first, make sure that the application runs on your system. When you browse a website or open software which is using Chinese as the language, just hover to the word that you can’t read. Then you will find the pinyin (Chinese romaji) with the shengdiao (Chinese tone), also with the translation. I think as long that the character is a text not an image, you can depend on this software. But don’t overuse this application if you want to grow your mandarin skill.

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How to Change Java Mobile (J2ME) Application Icon

Change Java Application Icon

Change Java Application Icon

Maybe you already know that you can install Java application on your phone. But do you know that you can change the Java application icon as well? Maybe the application is useful for you, but the icon is so messy. Sometimes application developer is just thinking about application function and doesn’t provide a good icon for it.

Good news for you, in this opportunity I’d like to share with you how to solve the problem. Continue reading How to Change Java Mobile (J2ME) Application Icon

ThreadSMS – Threaded SMS for S60v3 and S60v5 Phones

Thread SMS

Thread SMS

If someone were asking, why do you like to have an Apple iPhone than the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic? If he/she then answered because of its feature, you must know that iPhone is far more powerful than the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, so I guess that the answer is reasonable. But if you like Apple iPhone better because of its threaded SMS, that’s so silly.

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NOKIA Tube 5800 Xpress Music – How to Sign an Application



Sometimes you want to install commercial application for free (not recommended), or want to try installing an application for testing purpose on your phone. But every time you want to do that task, when you want to install it, you couldn’t, there’s a problem with the application certificate. But don’t feel disappoint first, you can still do something about that. You need to find the unsigned application to make it possible.

There are two options that you can choose, the first one is you have to hack your phone to install the application. The second one, you can apply to get your own certificate then sign unsigned application with it. In this opportunity, I will focus on the second option. I will tell you how to sign and unsigned application.

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QQ International – An English QQ

Tencent QQ

Tencent QQ

Tencent QQ, an application developed by Tencent Holdings Limited is the most popular chat messenger in China. It has been used in China from 1998. Its popularity even beats the magnificent MSN. For every student who is studying abroad in China should know this messenger. Because the interface is only using Hanyu (Mandarin) as the language, for someone who doesn’t understand the language, QQ will be very difficult to use.

Now if you’re curious to use QQ, Tencent already developed the QQ International, which is now in Beta3 Stage and has been ready to download. This QQ supports 3 different languages, which are English of course, Japanese, and French. With the support of the 3 languages, it looks like Tencent wants to expand the market area to world-wide.

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MyPhone v2.52 – Turn Your 5800XM into iPhone



Another product to review is the MyPhone. MyPhone may not be the best application for your 5800XM, but for now, I think it’s still the best UI launcher for your 5800XM. With MyPhone, you can turn your phone’s UI look to look like iPhone’s UI. This time I have the opportunity to test the current latest version, v2.5.


  • Add M1 UI.
  • Add iXP UI.
  • Add WIN7 UI.
  • Add iConsole UI.

See the complete review after the break.

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ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD™ – Unboxing and Installation (5800XM)



I’m so glad that I finally received my invisibleSHIELD order this morning. It took more than one month to arrive. Maybe because the order was shipped far from America to Indonesia. Hmmm I don’t want to fuzz about it right now, since I’ve received the product anyway. Now, I’m really excited to give the review, or maybe it’s more like info than review. See the full installation after the break.

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ZAGG Memorial Day Sale – 50% Discount for ZAGG’s Products

ZAGG Memorial Day Sale

ZAGG Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (May 31 in 2010). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service. On this big day, there’s still another news wating for you. A big news actually, you must know ZAGG™, the creator of invisibleSHIELD™, the best anti-scratch protector for your gadget. On this Memorial Day, there will be 50% sales discount for almost all ZAGG’s product.

The Memorial Day sale begins Sunday 10:00 PM MST (GMT -6:00) and ends Tuesday at 2:00 AM MST (GMT -6:00). Customers will receive 50% off their total purchase excluding shipping. Discount is applied after the product is added to the shopping cart. Product pages do not reflect the sale price. Free shipping applies to orders $29.98 or more after the 50% discount is applied and is available to the lower 48 U.S. shipping addresses only.

The 50% discount is not available for ZAGGsparq 2.0 or ZAGG™ gift cards. Other products may be excluded from the sale based on inventory levels and at the sole discretion of ZAGG™. The Memorial Day 50% off sale is good on ZAGG.com only. Discount codes will not be accepted during the sale. If you wish to purchase ZAGGsparq 2.0 using a discount code please wait until after the sale.

Free installation at participating mall carts requires the purchase of an invisibleSHIELD™ from the participating mall cart. Please call ahead to your local mall cart to check participation and availability. ZAGG™ reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at anytime. If for any reason the website becomes unavailable for any portion of the day, the Memorial Day sale will not be extended.

Click here to buy.

NOKIA Tube 5800 XpressMusic – Firmware v50

Nokia Software Updater

NOKIA Software Updater

Finally, succesfully update my phone’s firmware to v50.0.005. Maybe it’s not a new news that Nokia 5800 XpressMusic has firmware update to v50.0.005. But because I’m using the HK (Hongkong) region, I think that 2-3 days ago I’ve just got the update.

As you should know, when Nokia releases an update, not all region will get the update at the same day. Unfortunately for HK region phone, it always get the last turn, so annoying. Actually there is a way to change region to get the latest firmware update if your current region hasn’t got the update yet. But I don’t really like it since it’s not officially approved by Nokia. The other thing that you should know is that each region maybe will get a different features update.

To do the update, as usual you can do it via OTA (Over The Air) by pressing *#0000# and select update. Or you can do it with NSU (Nokia Software Updater), using this way you should download the latest update of NSU first, connect your phone to PC with PC Suite connection mode, then just follow the NSU wizard. Make sure to have full battery power and change the profile to anything except Offline before updating.

Okay, enough for the talk, let’s give you the review. Let’s start with the changelog.

  • Kinetic Scrolling in the Application Menu
  • Improved Music player Interface simialr to Nokia N97. Displays album art mini view in all songs and album sections.
  • Hide option in music player in place of exit
  • New One Touch Dialling and call settings options in dialler
  • Music player refreshes fast
  • Improved Camera Quality
  • Ovi sync application added
  • Nokia Default Browser Updated to v7.2
  • Option for history list in web browser
  • Option to send webpage via message blutooth in webbrowser
  • Kinetic scrolling in webbrowser
  • Enable Side lock Key functionality during Swipe UI (Calendar/Clock)
  • Windows 7 Device Stage Support
  • OVI store 1.5.6
  • OVI contacts 1.50.8

As you can see from the list, the HK region only gets the key feature update. Comparing it with the others, there’s no Rihana service launcer, no Gimlet Touch, Cherry and also QuickOffice installed. Ough, I really feel disappointed with the absence of QuickOffice in HK firmware.

The one that I really like here is that there’s kinetic scrolling support on the application menu. I’m sure that all Tubers will think so too, since in the last firmware update, v40.0.005, this feature has not been there yet. Really strange, kinetic scrolling everywhere except in the application menu. You can only scroll the menu by dragging the scrollbar on the right. It was so small and sometimes makes me frustrated. But thank you Nokia, you’ll fix that in this current release. Can’t wait to get the next update. v60.0.005 maybe? I hope in the next firmware update, there’s accelerometer support on the homescreen, just like the one in N97.